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THRIVE builds on the investment that the TDP & the NSW Department of Education is already making in talented school aged musicians by providing a comprehensive industry ready program for artists between the ages of 18-25 that has application to the real world of the arts. THRIVE provides customised support, resources, and performance opportunities for young artists to succeed in the music industry and demonstrates impact by building in our artists, confidence, collaboration, continuing creative momentum, all leading to a sustainable career.

Importantly, those who experience THRIVE will become mentors and coaches for future THRIVE cohorts to journey through the program. TDP already has the support of an alumni of over 100 who want to give their time and expertise investing in this next generation of performing artists. THRIVE will assist with the building of audience, local creative & community cohesion and a sustainable framework for the young musicians to build not only their brand, portfolio and recordings but a community engagement program with other not for profits where the power of music for social good is uncovered and explored.

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