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TDP’s School Program will inspire your creative talent and develop the resilience you require to pursue a professional career in the performing arts.

The School Program is open to NSW Government high school students, in years 9, 10, 11 or 12. If you are singer, singer-songwriter, musical theatre performer, instrumentalist or part of a band, you are welcome to apply.

Funded by the NSW Department of Education, there are no fees charged to attend the program and TDP encourages students from all over NSW to apply.

The program is divided into three Phases. Each Phase lasts for three months. You are selected to move through each Phase depending on your progress at the workshops. At each workshop you will have access to working professional musicians, singers and songwriters who will coach, mentor and guide your development.


To apply for the Talent Development Project School program in 2024/2025 click HERE

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To apply for the Talent Development Project School program in 2024/2025 click HERE

Get inspired

TDP School Program
By other like-minded young creative artists;
TDP School Program
Become fearless
TDP School Program
Discover true meaning in everything you do as a creative artist

Get creative

TDP School Program

Write songs like you’ve never written before;

TDP School Program

Perform with a confidence that you never knew you had;

TDP School Program

Learn to believe in yourself so a career in music is not just a dream but a real possibility.

Develop your songwriting skills.

Understand the realities of a career in music.

Discover your Individuality.

Change people’s lives.

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