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About the TDP Mary Lopez Scholarship - $10,000

2021 TDP Mary Lopez Scholarship recipients Chris Rose, Imogen Clark & Nicholas Gentile

The TDP Mary Lopez Scholarship is named in honour of Mary Lopez AM who co-founded the TDP in 1991 and created the unique TDP Training Program. Mary was the TDP’s Artistic Director until her retirement in 2018 and she has been instrumental in the nurturing, development and showcasing of Australian talent over a career spanning fifty years. Mary created the Schools Spectacular in 1984, which was the inspiration for the formation of the TDP in 1991.

It is intended that this $10,000 scholarship will provide an opportunity for the career enhancement of a musician/performer who can demonstrate serious long-term commitment to their work, and, who needs such assistance to take the important next steps in their career development.

TDP alumni who graduated in 2018 or before, who already have proven success in their musical field and who show potential for greater career longevity, are invited to apply for this scholarship.

About the TDP Greg Prior Scholarship - $7,000


The TDP is proud to announce the TDP Greg Prior Scholarship, a new scholarship offered in honour of Greg Prior, the late director and Deputy Chair on the TDP Board. Greg served on the TDP Board from 2015 until 2022 and supported the TDP model with great passion, commitment and distinction.  Greg was also a former NSW Department of Education Deputy Secretary and was a strong leader and advocate for public education.

This $7,000 scholarship is open to TDP graduates from the years 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022 to help advance their musical ambitions in their early years after graduation.

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