TDP Scholarships

The extra step in furthering successful graduates’ music and entertainment careers.


TDP are pleased to announce the $5,000 Scholarship Program which will be awarded to five graduates each year, up to the age of 28. These cash scholarships will help performers as they navigate their way through the music and entertainment industry.

Whether it’s funding tour budgets, purchasing musical instruments or paying studio costs to record an album, the TDP are committed to assist turning dreams into a reality.

Applications for the 2020 TDP Scholarship program are now closed.


In partnership with ASM Global, the $10,000 Nashville Scholarship is offered annually to a TDP graduate.

This exciting scholarship gives the performer an opportunity to collaborate with producers, co-write with other musicians and record tracks during a two week trip to the legendary music city.

Since its induction in 2018, three graduates have been awarded this scholarship including Imogen Clark, Travis Collins and Brad Cox.


The New York Scholarship was established in 2006 and is available to graduates aged 18 to 24 years, in the field of Musical Theatre or Jazz.

This scholarship was conceived during discussions between Mary Lopez AM (TDP Artistic Director Emeritus) and Michael Kerker (ASCAP – American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers).

Each year two performers are selected to go to New York for several weeks to study and train with some of Broadway’s biggest names.

Performers have the opportunity to work with Michael Kerker as well as attend ASCAP workshops with musical theatre icon Stephen Schwartz.


In 2020, the TDP LA Singer-songwriter Scholarship was announced with two graduates selected for an all-expenses paid, two week trip.

During this time, performers attend a three-day ASCAP Music Experience, the world’s leading gathering for music creators. This event immerses the artists in a multi sensory experience filled with powerful performances, educational panels and events that will connect them to pulse point of the music industry in LA.

During the second week, graduates are matched with APRA AMCOS ambassadors to collaborate in songwriting sessions and network within the music, producing and recording landscape. They also have the opportunity to meet with fellow TDP graduates and associates living in Los Angeles.