Postgraduate/ Mentor Program

Being able to make the most of a network is a crucial factor in determining how successful an artist is in the music and entertainment industry.

The Postgraduate/Mentor program exists to help all TDP Graduates access the program’s incredible network of past students and professional consultants as they build and develop their careers.

Postgraduate Program

Graduates can submit a request for assistance and the Postgraduate Manager will endeavour to match them with the people best suited to helping their specific needs.

Examples of assistance available to graduates:

  • Career advice
  • Providing professional contacts
  • Providing information about performance opportunities as they arise
  • Generating scholarship opportunities
  • Distribution of external training/ information opportunities

Mentor Program

Some Graduates require the benefit of ongoing, close association with professionals associated with the TDP. The TDP Mentor Program has been established to help facilitate these relationships.

At a Graduates request, the program manager attempts to match them with the industry professional or Graduate best suited to their specific stage of career development. In many cases, these mentor pairings end up equally beneficial to all involved and can lead to fantastic collaborative relationships.

How to access the Postgraduate/ Mentor Program

If you are a TDP Graduate and wish to access this program, please contact the TDP office onĀ 9319 0503.

For current performance opportunities, auditions or information sessions CLICK HERE