Indigenous Sponsorship

The Talent Development Project has been developing Indigenous Talent for more than ten years. The TDP has produced many talented Indigenous performers, most of who are now professionals and well regarded within the music industry.

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Indigenous Coordinator (Gold)
$25,000 – $30,000 p/a

The TDP is looking for a sponsor to subsidise the employment cost of a part-time employee (preferably Indigenous) to take over the coordination of the TDP Indigenous Program.

This person will be responsible for coordinating and running Regional Indigenous Workshops, delivering School Mentoring Workshops and arranging mentor support to develop the careers of TDP Indigenous Postgraduates. All of these important tasks will help ensure all Indigenous students are given an equal opportunity to build a career in the music and entertainment industry.

Regional Indigenous Workshop Sponsor (Bronze)
$10,000 p/a – 2 year minimum commitment

The TDP has committed to doing NSW Regional workshops for the past five years. The workshops are carried out over 2-3 days in remote, regional areas with large Indigenous youth populations. Areas visited previously include Dubbo, Moree and Walgett.

The TDP employs consultants to take part in the workshops. They mentor, advise and tutor both teachers and students with an interest in music and entertainment.

The workshops are also used as a talent search to try and identify students with passion and raw talent. These students are then invited to join the TDP Core Program in Sydney, making them eligible for the necessary subsidies available to students of the program.

Indigenous School Mentoring Program (Bronze)
$10,000 p/a – 2 year minimum commitment

The TDP would like to develop an Indigenous School Mentoring Program. Indigenous Graduates would be employed to dedicated time to visiting schools with high Indigenous populations and being involved in performance and learning opportunities for students.

The aim of the program is twofold:

  1. to provide employment and mentoring experience for TDP Indigenous Postgraduates
  2. to promote the TDP to Indigenous students within schools and give them insight into the program and the options available to them if they wish to pursue a career in the music and entertainment industry