If I was able to travel back in time and ask my 10 year old self where I thought I would be in 7 years, my answer would probably be a professional netball player if I’m being 100% honest… but I’m so grateful that that is not the case.

My journey from being the little shy girl who would refuse to perform in front of her teacher, into the writer and performer I am today wouldn’t have been possible without my friends and family both old and new. I am so extremely lucky to have the most supportive friends that always show up to my gigs and inspire me to follow my dreams.   To have a family that pushes me to do my best even when I feel like quitting, and to be graduating alongside a crazy talented group of people that I’m so grateful to be surrounded by.

I hope that when my future self looks back to her senior year, she sees a wide eyed girl who has no idea of the bright future ahead.