Broadway Reimagined

Broadway Reimagined has taken classic Broadway tunes and re-arranged them in a way that will lift the soul and warm the spirit.

A musical collaboration between ‘Your local club’ and the Talent Development Project, Broadway Reimagined includes graduates from the Talent Development Project performing the most loved Broadway songs with a twist. Stunning new arrangements and sassy patter will have the crowd applauding for more.

The show uses fully orchestrated backing tracks recorded at Sony Studios, or up to an 8-piece live band, depending on budget and venue.

Broadway Reimagined has been choreographed by Penny Martin (Happy Feet, Dirty Dancing), one of Australia’s leading choreographers.

For more information and to book Broadway Reimagined please contact Nicholas Gentile on 0423 893 960 or Alix Hill at the Talent Development Project at

Check out the Broadway Reimagined showreel below!